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dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Made ici // Mauritian Logo

We are living something huge right now; the creation of a Mauritian Logo, the imprint of your local savoir faire. To avoid the disaster of  Mauritius c'est un plaisir, the website Made in Moris has been created to give the citizens an opportunity to vote.

So France is striving to promote what they call produit du terroir;  the Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg even posed in a very cliché marinière, flag behind and Moulinex in hand, in Reunion Island, there is Nu la fé whilst UK works their Union Jack.

And what is bugging me in the MadeinMoris is the diametrical use of English and Mauritian Creole. Why didn't they made it all in Creole?

Weird for something fer dan moris?

Anyway, the advertising agency who did the job explained in a weekly newspaper they aim to make a statement and here comes my analysis:

Click to zoom
All three logo took their inspiration from memetic influences.

The first one is direct though truism yet will be noticeable scaled down?

The second one is supposed to be modern

The third one is copy/paste of social network statement.

My only question is why didn't they play on typography? This childish comic-sans like lettering do not communicate the willing to raise our nation, our products, our identity.

However, did you vote? Why did you vote 1? Why did you vote 2? Or 3?

Link to vote:



Hope to have your comments,

Peri & L'éffrontée.

7 commentaires:

  1. For me, the choice was between number 1 and 2. I just don't 'like' the third one. I chose number 2 simply because I think it's the one that will look best on any and every product. Like you mentioned, I'm not sure the first logo is going to be readable if scaled down.

    While I believe the initiative is commendable, I think we should have had a couple more choices. I realise it's not an easy job, but if you want to appeal to a whole population, you really should work a little harder. That said, being familiar with the project, I know that Circus is the only agency that actually bothered to do something nice...

  2. I voted like you! In fact, I also agree with you; there should have been more choices.
    Yay you are our first comment on the blog :)

  3. I also had to choose between the first and the second one but finally I went for the first one because I feel that symbol of a fingerprint shows the uniqueness and present the mauritian items as unique too.

    Well to be frank, I did not bother about the look of the logo when it will be scaled down :/

    One last thing: I'm much surprised at the budget allocated to this campaign (adverts), just to get the opinion of people.

  4. Hello Yashvin!
    Well the purpose of a logo is to be understood and to be striking, specifically when it is small like on a business card, or on the back of a packaging.
    Or else it does not fit its purpose!
    Of course an imprint connotes uniqueness but it has been used over and over again, so can we still consider it as unique?
    The budget allocated is always a debate! People counts that's why but it depends on a lot of parameters to fix a budget, what is the price of the Mauritian image for you??

  5. I voted for the 1st one because i liked their concept of fingerprint...for me, fingerprint shows well the identity of something/someone (here for "moris") + with the map and colours of mauritius...we know immediately that it is for mauritius( the "made in moris" could be less important)...maybe it would be more nice if they would proposed different logos with different kind of (original?) fingerprints...maybe doing it more simple that even if it would be small, we would recognize it well.... :)