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mercredi 24 septembre 2014

Hysteria // Street art

This week to showcase their world and touch of fantasy, but also one culminating night - Saturday 27 September 2014 for a live performance with Jeremy Labelle purest sound. 

As true hysterical groupies, we went, met and talked to them. Thrilling to meet and discuss street art vision with people we admire so much
Take a look at their under process work: 

Now go and see by yourself
Thanks to Ludovic Lufor and Aurelie Thomas for their pictures and make us feel less alone as groupies! And you should take a look at Ludovic work here, blooming potential we say!

lundi 22 septembre 2014

Carnet de voyage // paint exhibit

Hello peeps!
Our favourite contributor Parwiza went  to the paint exhibition of Pascal Lagesse this weekend.

A really colourful inspiration solace and warm whilst others were darker but in fact more realistic, this ode to travel depicts various faces of Mauritius as well as Rodrigues and India.

Rich in texture, the painter plays with perspective, pattern and volume. This eclectic charivari should have been opened for more days.

But in fact, do you think that the Audi center is a good place to foster those kind of exhibits?

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jeudi 4 septembre 2014

The Time Machine // Photo Exhibit

Hello peeps!
We are rather overwhelmed now but we will struggle to keep this blog alive!
Thanks to Parwiza ! This time, she went to an exhibition at the Photography Museum, in Port Louis.

So kind at heart, Parwiza also contributed with her own photographs of the exhibition!

It was like a time machine. This exhibition is like transposing you in another time, another space. Black and white. Portraits. All those timeless magical treasures. Daguerreotypes are the father of all our little point and shot, our huge SLR and even our rabbit in the hat mobiles! 
Did you know that Mauritius was one of the top five country to develop daguerreotypes. 
The one smirk would be the scale of the room, bigger it would have been a better scale for the exhibition, our curiosity and those treasures. 
Kudos to the Breville family.