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dimanche 7 juillet 2013

Illustrator // Margaux Motin

Discovered at Bédéland, St Gilles, when we were lost in Reunion Island, a book of wonders : " La Tectonique des Plaques "by Margaux Motin.

"Tout est sur le point de changer
et rien ne pourra arrêter ça.
C'est la nature,
c'est la tectonique des plaques."
Being Human, saison 1, episode 1 

A fil rouge autobiographic, the small episodes of the author between mid-life crisis and her paradoxically coming of age. We fell for her struggle as freelance illustrator, for her day-to-day discovery of herself and the weird swear words that now colour our days.

For more information about her, jump on her blog 

lundi 1 juillet 2013

Regatta Sail // Waiting for the sun

Sunday was a long day! We went to Grand River South East { GRSE } for the Regatta organized by the  Fashion and Design Institute. We do not usually make post on the academics but it was a great experience, besides the protocol and the long wait. In fact we've never attended a Regatta before; it was a big first time. The sails were of vivid colours, some were even iridescent.
The most surprising was the very fashionable - not pun intended Fashion and Design Institute - fashion - no really no - tip of the mast painted of various hues.

Photographs by Parwiza Jugoo; she was a student of the institute. Follow her photography blog here! She is only beginning but she has a keen eye for details.

The professional Regatta started after a long wait and soon the whole area of Camp des Pecheurs of GRSE was flooded like a fancy fair. The atmosphere was very family liked. It was funny to see the competition within the fishermen. They explained us how each boat was different, and that some even belong to companies; for example one was owned by a filling station { related to the sea by the name }. We thought that it was only boat sailing but no, really competition spirit in the air.

Then the boats were dressed by the sails painted by the students of the Fashion and Design. Bright, surprising and each different.

Photographs by Priya Radha student of the Foundation Diploma in Arts and Design.

Our favourites sails, cracked full of humour dodo and the impressive turtle, both inspired by Aryz's style. Unfortunately, we did not have much pictures, if anyone does have more photographs of the sails, please send them to us!

We made our way back home through streets we nearly do not know, Beau Camp, Olivia and Bel Air.
East people, you have a beautiful country side. Calm and generous.

Our dearest friend Guillaume Silavant. You may know him from his part in short movies or theatre, now playing Sleeping Beauty on our way back.

The day ended at Bagatelle with waffles and Macchiato; Vida e Caffe does really beautiful packaging, the illustration is simple and entertaining.

And the week is only starting.

Leaving you with some soothing from The Strokes new album: