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lundi 15 avril 2013

Good start // more findings

Did you know us when we were only Peri Meter Design Magazine?

It was an awesome adventure, ended too early or started too early. We were younger, loaded with energy but even if the drive is slower, our interest in design is the same. Maybe one day we'll start it again. For now, we have this design blog Culture Et Cetera. Our brand Éphémère. And so much ideas collided eager to rise.
But if you knew us from this time, we guess that  you already know our cultural pride to see Mauritians designers, photographers,  and illustrators suceed?
Again we are astounded by the talent of Karen Pang, shooting Patyatann { local blasting new band }

Our Fave.
As always the capture of immaterial, the intangible, the light, the time, the vibe is precise, nearly capturing the viewer. Please, log into her facebook page for more treasures.

Today, I discovered Buamai:

A real inspiring storage of photographs, clearly for designers, that we wanted to share with you. Hoping that it might help you.

Another great finding today is interactive Google Doodle honouring  the mathematician physicist Leonhard Euler.
Do you remember the doodle exactly two year ago? Let re-discover this pleasantly long doodle about Charlie Chaplin.

Have a great week!

jeudi 11 avril 2013

Short // Findings

Did you stumble upon the paper sculpture of Li Hongbo recently on TV or the web?
This amazing artist was formerly an editor and designer, is fascinated by paper, from it's primary connotation to his own interpretation. He created eerie and hypnotizing sculpture out of paper. A playful art. 

But can you guess how was it made? We bet on laser and it is a total fail! Glue and jigsaw! 

Another great finding is this illustration done for L'in. Beautiful linear floral artwork!